584 W Ann Arbor Trl Plymouth, Michigan(734) 459-4183

Special Needs

Midwest Tae Kwon Do offers a class specially tailored for children with special needs such as autism.  Children as young as 5 can benefit from all that Tae Kwon Do can offer such as:

– Concentration and Mental Focus
– Self control and Restraint
– Balance and Coordination
– Improve fitness and fight childhood obesity
– Improve their social skills
Children will learn:
– Hand eye/foot eye coordination
– Footwork and timing drills
– Patterned movements
– Strength and endurance exercises


Classes:  Thursday 4:15 – 4:45pm.

Your child is placed in a class based on age and current class size. Call 734-459-4183 for additional information, or to enroll!