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Fitness Classes

Get back to the grind and let the gains begin!


First Class is FREE! (Be sure to bring a waiver to your first class.)

Drop-ins: $15/class

Monthly Tuition: $45 (1 Class per week)

Monthly Tuition: $75 (2 classes per week)

Monthly Tuition: COMMIT TO BE FIT! $100 (3 classes per week)

INDOOR AEROBIC KICBOXING Aerobic kickboxing involves punching/kicking on standing bags during the first half of class and then strength training with weights for the second half.

OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES These classes involve standard lifts with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and some functional training with ropes, sleds and balls

* The Friday evening class will be Heavy Bag when we move inside. This class involves cardio conditioning on heavy bags and requires heavy bag gloves. Wraps are recommended. 

BOYS METCON (12-16 Years Old)


This class includes pushing and pulling sleds, ropes, intro to boxing on the heavy bag, intro to weightlifting, slam balls, chin ups, pull ups, and much more!

Fridays, 4:00-4:45pm

Drop-ins: $15/class

Monthly Tuition: $45