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Master Tanya Panizzo

Master Tanya Panizzo is the owner of Midwest Tae Kwon Do. She is currently a 6th degree black belt and resigned her job as an Engineer for the Automotive Industry to teach Tae Kwon Do full time. She began her training at age 7 with her brothers (she is a triplet) and has been involved in the martial arts ever since. Master Panizzo began her training strictly because her brothers did, but as time went by, began to develop a love for the Korean martial art. Over the years, she has participated in numerous tournaments, eventually capturing a gold medal in international competition. She defeated her mother’s home country of Argentina to advance to the final rounds in this tournament. She has also participated in demonstrations and other special events that have given her valuable experience in many facets of Tae Kwon Do. Master Panizzo works hard to further her knowledge of traditional Tae Kwon Do principles to enrich the lives of all students in her care. She is also involved  in the instruction of children with special needs.  Along with teaching Tae Kwon Do, she is Owner of Fighting Spirit Personal Safety, a company that provides self-defense and personal safety training for children and adults. She believes that Tae Kwon Do brings a positive outlook on a person’s life and encourages everyone, male and female, child and adult, to see what Tae Kwon Do and fitness can bring to their lives.

Listen to an interview with Master Panizzo, recorded by Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio.



Traditional TKD Program

Mr. Tim Morelli – Head Instructor

Mrs. Jennifer Wolf – Head Instructor

Mrs. Lisa Sebok – Assistant Instructor

Mr. Chad Edgar – Assistant Instructor


Sport Sparring TKD Program

Mr. Vic Decina – Head Instructor  


Little Kickers Program

Ms. Suzanne Stegeman – Assistant Instructor

Certifications and Training

All Instructors are Kukkiwon Certified Black Belts.

All Instructors are certified in CPR and defibrillator use.

All Instructors are certified in the Michigan Sport Concussion Education Program.

All Instructors receive Not In My Sport training

All Instructors undergo a criminal background check.

All Instructors undergo pre-employment substance abuse screening.

Midwest TKD has a documented policy for housekeeping and cleanliness.

Midwest TKD has a comprehensive emergency response plan.