Fitness Kickboxing for Kids

c4Kids-Cardio Kick! Fitness Kickboxing Class for Boys and Girls!!!!! Midwest Tae Kwon Do offers a fitness kickboxing class for children 5-10 years old!

This is a high energy class for children that want to learn how to kick and punch! It also helps develop coordination, balance and strength all while having fun! Boys and girls can listen to kid-friendly music and get FIT at the same time! Space is limited so enroll in a session TODAY!
$100      8 class session includes GLOVES for your child!

Fight Obesity & Develop Flexibility*Have Fun*Improve Focus and Strength*Have Fun*Learn Martial Arts Techniques*Have Fun*Make Friends*Have Fun*Teamwork*Have Fun*Get & Stay FIT!!

Call 734-459-4183 for class day and time!