Tae Kwon Do for Ages 5 & Up

Many parents are conflicted when they think of signing their child up for a martial arts program. On one hand they feel it will bring discipline and structure to their life, yet on the other they may question it because it is a combat sport and art. Parents may worry that instead of teaching them to protect themselves; they may use the skills they learn to express aggressive behavior on others. We understand the feelings you might have, as we have encountered this concern from parents for many years. Let us tell you what Midwest Tae Kwon Do can bring to your child’s life.

Self respect is something your child will learn. Children will develop a sense of self-worth and understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. As they progress in their training, their confidence will grow and their self esteem will improve.

Respect for others is something else your child will learn. In every class we emphasize that students show proper respect. This is so for individuals inside the Tae Kwon Do school and outside the class as well. Students address their elders and peers as Mr. and Mrs. and answer with Sir and Maam. This along with other class etiquette helps bring awareness to the child that they are to treat others as they wish to be treated.

Discipline and concentration are two areas in which your child will improve. These are life skills that they develop by learning requirements in a structured format. Children set goals, learn their curriculum and are encouraged not to quit in the pursuit of these goals. Through guidance from their instructors, they learn that discipline in their lives helps bring them closer to their goals, whether they are in the dojang or not. This disciplined attitude and emphasis on concentration will bring an improvement in other aspects of their lives as well, such as school and family life.

Also among the benefits that Midwest Tae Kwon Do can offer your child are safety skills and physical conditioning. When training in Tae Kwon Do, your child will learn how to protect him/herself should they ever find themselves in a situation that compromises their safety.  We pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach to combat bullying behavior and help children become capable to speak up for themselves. We teach children where vulnerable targets are and how they can best get away from the situation at hand, whether by a bully on the playground or a bad person they don’t know that is trying to hurt or take them. We also encourage students to use their voice to speak to those they trust of dangers they may encounter. Along with this comes the physical side of Tae Kwon Do. Your child will burn energy in our classes and develop a fitness regimen that will stay with them always. With youth obesity on the rise in the United States, Tae Kwon Do is a great way for kids to burn calories and learn lifelong skills at the same time.