Tae Kwon Do for Adults

Adults and teenagers join the martial arts for a variety of reasons. Some may be fulfilling a lifetime dream of learning what they saw in movies as a child. Some may wish to learn self defense skills because they now have to park in an unlit parking lot. Others may want a great workout or are seeking an experience more profound than what their neighborhood gym can offer. Whatever the reason is, we value all of these in our teen/adult program. Our adult classes differ from the kids classes for one simple reason, you are adults. Your needs are different and we can appreciate this. At the same time however, our program instills in our teenagers and adults the same key elements, self respect, respect for others and discipline. The approach is the difference. Students are treated as individuals and progress at a pace that keeps them challenged, but does not make them feel unprepared. The technical requirements that students learn are coupled with a deeper understanding of “the way” (Do, in Tae Kwon Do), in which this martial art brings us balance in our lives. The instructors at Midwest Tae Kwon Do encourage all of those interested to give it a try and we believe you will see the benefits: A stronger more physically fit body, a healthier outlook on your life, safety skills to protect yourself from injury and lastly, the fulfillment of lifelong dreams, such as Olympic competition or traditional martial arts instruction.