Fitness Kickboxing

Welcome to fitness kickboxing at Midwest Tae Kwon Do! Whether you’re accustomed  to exercise or a beginner you can expect a great time in any of our classes.  We punch and kick bags to great music and incorporate strength training with free weights and kettle bells for overall body toning and conditioning. We have everything you will need to begin your fitness journey, all you need is water, a towel and a positive attitude!  The classes are perfect for students of any fitness level and we offer options for those that want to step up or step down. Don’t think about it any longer, just do it!  Take the leap and get ready for a great ride!


Group Classes:  Monday & Wednesday 7:30-8:30 pm. Enjoy classes taught by an instructor to help guide & motivate you throughout the workout.

            1st Group Class is FREE!           

Drop-in or monthly rates available!




Instructor & Student Spotlight


Tanya P. (Owner)

Age: 42 (in 2015)
Location: Plymouth, MI
No. of Children: 1
Physical Activities: Tae Kwon Do, Fitness Kickboxing, Strength Training
Other Interests: Reading, writing, and spending time with her daughter.
Smoker/Non-smoker: Non-smoker
What Keeps Her Looking and Feeling Young: Exercise, sunscreen, daily meditation.
Motivation to Train: “My daughter is my motivation. After 18 months of in-vitro fertilization attempts and a successful pregnancy, I gained 75 pounds despite working out regularly. I was determined to be a living, breathing example of health for her after she was born. It wasn’t and still isn’t about how I look; it’s about my ability to live a strong, active life with her and those I care about.”
Why Fitness at Midwest?: “We offer a supportive environment that challenges all students no matter their fitness level. The importance is on you and your progress. It’s also a fun, judgement-free zone.”

Bonnie H.

Age: 61 (in 2015)
Location: Canton, MI
No. of Children: 2
Physical Activities: Fitness Kickboxing at Midwest, Cycling
Other Interests: Dancing, Reading, Gardening
Smoker/Non-smoker: Non-smoker
What Keeps Her Looking and Feeling Young: Exercise, positive attitude, and eating consciously
Motivation to Train: “The desire to look and feel my best.”
Why Fitness at Midwest?: “Starting something new was hard, but on the first day I knew I was in the right place.  They were welcoming and inspiring, and I can’t thank [the friends I’ve made there] enough.”

Sandy G.

Age: 53 (in 2015)
Location: Northville, MI
No. of Children: 3
Physical Activities: Fitness Kickboxing @ Midwest, Strength Training.
Other Interests: Reading, and working outside in her yard
Smoker/Non-smoker: Non-smoker
What Keeps Her Looking and Feeling Young: Exercise, eating sensibly
Motivation to Train: “Heart disease runs in my family and this motivates me to stay active.”
Why Fitness at Midwest?: “The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a non-judgmental atmosphere and I love the feeling of accomplishment I have after completing one of their classes. No matter what shape you are in you will feel like you fit here.”

Ashley R.

Age: 26 (in 2012)
Location: Livonia, MI
No. of Children: 0
Physical Activities: Fitness Kickboxing @ Midwest, Yoga, Running
Other Interests: Traveling, snow-boarding, camping, finishing her graduate degree
Smoker/Non-smoker: Non-smoker
What Keeps Her Looking and Feeling Young: Being physically active
Motivation to Train: “I work nights as a nurse and have seen first-hand the effects of unhealthy living. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family, and this keeps my motivation high.”
Why Fitness at Midwest?: “I started with a friend and was somewhat intimidated at first. I was happy to see the Instructors do the class alongside you, encouraging you and challenging you to do your best at the same time. There were many options in the class and this made me feel better about building up my strength up over time. It’s a very welcoming and positive place!”

This class is not easy but its fun.  The emphasis is on the work and setting realistic goals.  Punching and kicking with footwork keeps the cardio portion alive, while strength training helps shed fat fast.  Check it out!